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You probably already know @lavendu_beauty from my previous posts, in which I tried the sonic toothbrush and the hair dryer. Today I would like to show another product that turned out to be a hit: the curling iron with temperature control, which allows you to create different and interesting hairstyles. This seemingly plain and simple device allowed me to get beautiful curls in a very short time. Additionally, even I - not using a curler in years - managed to achieve great results alone!
I will show you the curling iron in action on IS as soon as I have an opportunity ❤️ Do you use curlers? Do you like waves and curls? (Translated from Polish)

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I liked the curls I got thanks to the curler by @lavendu_beauty. I got them really fast, but now I need to get my hair back to its natural style before filming ???? and that is going to be a challenge #loki #haircurly #lavendubeauty (Translated from Polish)

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You often ask about my favourite cosmetics ????Fluid by @benefitpoland ????????????????????????Delicate and with a beautiful finish
@ctilburymakeup love them ???? amazing company????
@diorbutikwarszawa must have⭐️
And for the hair fans:
@lavendu_beauty and, of course, a straightener that straightens and curls ???? (Translated from Polish)

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Breaking news from @lavendu_beauty ❤️
Soon you'll be able to get all these on their online store and I am here to tell you if they're worth the price (Translated from Polish)

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